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Ammonium polyphosphate with FR synergist and char enhancer (CM-HF900A)


A halogen-free fire retardant for polyolefins.  Mainly consists of N and P.  Benefits include low density, low smoke generation, and less mold corrosion.  No anti-dripping agent.  Can be recommended for PP, PE, HDPE, EVA, and HDPE/EVA blends.



Store in a cool and dry area at room temperature.  Keep away from moisture or sunlight.



Packed in 25 kg standard bags.  18 Metric tons per full container load.


chemical properties

                       Appearance                                          White powder

                        Nitrogen content                                  17.5 ± 1

                        Phosphorus content                             19.5 ± 1

                        Water solubility %                               0.8

                        Water content %                                  0.5

                        Density g/cm3                                      1.8

                        Average particle size μm                     10

                        Decomposition temperature °C             250

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