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ammonium polyphosphate phase II with silane treatment (APP-203)


Ammonium Polyphosphate phase II with silane treatment is a non-halogen flame retardant based on phosphorus/nitrogen synergism.  It is treated/coated by silane via a specialized method.  It is different from APP-II (APP-201) by the following:

  • Reduced solubility in water
  • Reduced viscosity in water
  • Improved dispersibility and compatibility with polymers and resins
  • Increased fluidity of powder
  • Improved thermal expansion efficiency during inflaming retarding process and insulation performance



It can be used for all applications that our standard APP-201 is suitable for.  It can be used in plastics (PP, PVC, PE, etc.), polyester, rubber, PU foam, and expandable fireproof coatings.  It has lower viscosity and lower solubility (compared to the standard grade APP-201) in water, which could make it suitable for water-fast intumescent systems in polymers (such as PU, PBT, etc.) and paints.



  • Fiber materials (paper, wood, fireproof textiles)
  • All kinds of polymers (sunproof, waterproof, or fireproof outdoor materials)
  • Fire-refractory building board, coiled material
  • Epoxy resin and unsaturated resin
  • Cable and rubber
  • Plastic material of electron device
  • Textiles



25 kg woven bag with plastic liner; 500/1000 kg super sacks.


chemical properties

                                                                          Target Value               Typical Value

Appearance                                                       White powder              White powder

P Content % (w/w)                                            ≥ 30                             31

N Content % (w/w)                                           14 – 16                        15

Viscosity (10% aqueous, 25 C) mPa.s               20                            10

pH value (10% aqueous)                                   6 – 8                            7

Average Particle Size (D50) um                        18 - 22                         20

Particle Size      <50 um % (w/w)                      ≥ 95                             98

                        >100 um % (w/w)                      ≤ 0.1                            0

Moisture Content % (w/w)                                ≤ 0.25                          0.10

Solubility in Water (g/100ml, 25C)                   ≤ 0.3                            0.15



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