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halogen-free fire retardant synergist for partial antimony trioxide replacement (CM-FLam-mx)


New inorganic flame-retardant additive with high whiteness, fineness, and purity.  It is derived from magnesium (MgO) and silicon (SiO2).  The material is applicable to PA, PBT, PP, PET, ABS, PVC, PC/ABS alloys, and more.


Can be used together with halogenated flame retardants and antimony trioxide.  Contains special surface treatment - to improve on adhesive strength, plastic resin compatibility, viscosity reduction, and filling and reinforcements.  Also, allows for even flow during injection molding.


When used with Sb2O3, Flam-MX can decrease Sb2O3 dosage by 25 to 50%.  It can also decrease dosage of TiO2 during the production of white projects. 


chemical properties

Appearance                           White powder

Whiteness                              > 98%

Average diameter                  1.1 um

Loss on burning                     < 5

Decomposition temperature  340 C



- Excellent heat resistance and stability.  Can achieve height weight loss of 0.5%, within 400 C.

- Good combination with engineering plastics, such as PA, PBT, PP, PET, ABS, PVC, and PC/ABS alloys. Can improve main product's mechanical properties.

- When used in cooperation with Sb2O3 (antimony trioxide), it can achieve same fire retardant effects, while decreasing Sb2O3 dosage by 25 to 60%.

- Adding Flam-MX under 3% can promote product's melt flowability, dimension stability, and surface gloss.

- Can improve upon product's electrical properties - including the electrical strength, and CTI index.

- Maintains good mechanical and electrical properties, under high temperature and humidity.


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