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Modified Piperazine PYrophosphate (CM-JNP-2-3)


JNP-2-3 is an environment-friendly, halogen-free, nitrogen-phosphorus, high-efficiency flame retardant, with excellent properties.  It is a white, odorless, tasteless powder.  It is used as a flame retardant additive, in polyethylene and polypropylene resin, EDPM, and TPE elastomer materials.


It is a complete flame retardant system, so there is no need to add other flame retardants in your formulations.  And the suggested loading level to achieve a V0 rating is between 20% and 30%.  It is comparable in quality to that of Adeka FP2200 and FP2500S, but it is also more cost-efficient.



Store in a cool and dry area, at room temperature.  Keep away from moisture and sunlight.



25 kg or 20 kg per bag (composite paper bag).  12 metric tons per 20' full container.


chemical properties

                                       Appearance                              White powder         

N Content %                            19.0

P Content %                             17.0                             

Water Content %                      0.2              

                          Whiteness (F457)                     92.0          


sample application advice

Base material              Suggested dosage %                Exam standard           FR rating

Polypropylene (PP)`     19.0 – 22.0                                 UL94                            V-0 (1.6 mm)



No.                  PP %               JNP-2-3 compound %             Antioxidant, white oil, etc.

1                      76                    19                                                5

2                      72                    23                                                5


flame retardant and mechanical properties

No.                  UL94 (1.6mm)             Tensile strength/Mpa              Flexural modulus/Mpa

1                      V-0                                21.6                                           1920

2                      V-0                                22.1                                           1806


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