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Century Multech, Inc.

A dream of global connection

We love to focus on projects that hold significant value towards improving the business community in which we serve.  You can benefit from our over 40+ years of experience and expertise in international trade.  Century Multech will help you find the right product, information, and opportunity - to meet your project needs within these ever-changing times.

our vision

To serve as a bridge, that can lead to a more integrated world - where global business can thrive in a productive and connected manner.

our mission

To communicate and connect in the realm of international trade, and to invest in long-term initiatives with the capacity to transform entire industries - for the better.

our core values

Sustainability - we value projects with the potential for long-term growth, and positive influence to multiple stakeholders.  And we are always looking to branch out with new out-of-the box ideas.


Freedom - we provide our employees and customers with the freedom to express their own ideas and opinions, within a positive and supportive atmosphere.  We believe in non-conformist thinking and a healthy dose of doubt, which could challenge and improve upon the status quo.


Flexibility - we encourage a flat hierarchy and open-door policy, where everyone is welcome to express their thoughts and concerns.  Our employees are motivated and pro-active in each project they undertake, which can give them the capability to work at their own pace and time.


Development - we aim to foster a culture of self-development, both for our employees and for our community.  Everyday is an opportunity to learn, and we believe everyone has the ability to become a successful leader.

our business PRACTICE

Diversified service - across major industries, with a focus on long-term business growth

We supply a variety of chemicals, including environmentally friendly halogen-free flame retardants.  The majority of our flame retardants are either melamine-based or phosphorus-based. Currently, we are a leading provider of melamine cyanurate (halogen free flame retardant used primarily for nylon 6 or nylon 66), which we stock and have available in granular, powder, or customized form. Other flame retardants we distribute include melamine polyphosphate or melamine phosphate (MPP or MP) for glass-reinforced nylon, and melamine crystals (for resins, laminates, and particleboards).


New materials include our JH-Series amine solvents (JH-11 and JH-14) for carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulfide treatment in oil refineries, natural gas processing plants, and ammonia plants.


If you are looking to source or identify any specific product or special opportunity, please let us know and we can do the looking for you.  


Expertise in international trade

Our international markets served outside the US include Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America.  We can also ship your product directly to your warehouse anywhere in the USA, with no need for you to worry about dealing with customs, documentations, or tariffs.  We can be essentially, a one-stop shop.


Guaranteed quality, service, & convenience

Our products come from suppliers under ISO9001 management, and whom we have built trusted relationships with for the long run.  We contantly work with our factories in the development of new technologies to ensure that our quality stays at the top of the pack - and that entire industries can serve to benefit for the long-haul. 


We are also C-TPAT certified by the USA Customs Border Protection, which allows us to import international shipments with improved efficiency and lower operational risk, while working with our supply chain stakeholders to ensure the overall security of international trade.


Advice, consulting, updates on the latest products, information, and trends

We understand that business development can be key to the success of any company.  So if you are looking for advice on how to incorporate our products into your own chemical formulations, let us know your specific needs.  We will work with our factories to provide you with personalized service and advice, to make sure that you are improving and up-to-date on the latest technologies, and trends.

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