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Melem (JMA-101)


JMA-101 is a new product, which is part of the environmental-friendly halogen-free nitrogen-series flame retardant for high-temperature engineering plastics.  It has high nitrogen content and good liquidity.  It has compatibility and excellent flame retardancy with high polymer materials such as high temperature nylon.



20 KG per bag (composite paper bag) or 25 KG per bag (composite woven bag)



Store in a dry and well-ventilated place to prevent dampening.



Used in engineering plastics as a flame retardant.  The processing temperature can reach 350℃.


chemical properties

                         Appearance                                             White crystal powder         

                          N Content %                                           55                                 

                          Water Content %                                    0.3

             pH value (10 g/L)                                   4.0 to 7.0

             Particle Size D [50] µm                          25.0                                  

Decomposition Temperature, -1%,    400


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