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Expandable graphite


Can be used in PU foams.  This foam can be used as seating material in aircraft and other traffic tools. 


Can be used as heat and sound insulation sheet for cars after special treatment.   Can be used as sealing tape in windows and doors for the building industry.  Can be used in EVA and EPS foams as well.


Can be used in intumescent flame retardant (FR) coatings, and specifically for steel structural FR coatings. 


Can be used as a FR in polyethylene, polypropylene, and other polyolefins, when halogenated flame retardants are prohibited.  Can be used in plastics/metal (aluminum) composite boards.


Other applications include for plastic pipes, fire-stop putties, and fire-stop pillows.  



Package is in 25 kg bags or 500 kg big bags.  18 Metric tons per 20’ full container load.


chemical properties

                       Original Expansion Temp. (°C)           170 °C

                        Expansion Volume (ml/g)                    350

                        pH                                                        4 to 6

                        Conductivity (ms/cm)                          0.3

                        Moisture (%)                                        0.4

                        Ash (%)                                                1.0

                        Volatile (%)                                          12

                        Carbon (%)                                           99

                        Particle size (50 mesh)                          80%



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