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JH-14 AMINe solvent for carbon dioxide gas treatment


JH-14 is used for selectively removing CO2 from ammonia synthesis plants for the production of methanol, liquid ammonia, urea, and more.  Also can be used for the treatment of natural gas, coal gas, coking gas, and oil well gas.


JH-14 solvent can be applied directly to the plant/refinery, without additional additives.  For questions and customized advice, you could contact us directly regarding your specific needs.



Composed primarily of MDEA, with additives (including activators, anti-foaming agent, and more).


JH-14 is similar in physical and chemical properties to MDEA (please see Chemical Properties for comparison). 


The material provides improved functions for solution stability, solution consumption, CO2 absorption, energy reduction, and foaming resistance.  It is particularly effective in protecting against corrosion, in order to ensure the long-term capabilities of plant equipment.



Packed in 200 Kg plastic drums, or 1000 Kg plastic totes.


Chemical properties

Material                                   MDEA                                      CM-JH-14                 


Appearance                             Colorless/light yellow liquid     Colorless/light yellow liquid           

Relative density (20°C)           1.040 – 1.044                            1.038 – 1.042

B.P. °C 101.3 KPa                   246 - 248                                   242 – 244

Condensation Point °C            -14.6                                         -14.0   

Flash Point (open cup) °C       126.7

Vapor Pressure (20°C) Pa       < 1.33                                       < 1.33

Viscosity (20°C) mPa S          101.0                                        100.0

Solubility                                 Soluble in water                       Soluble in water

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